How to Buy

How it Works:

You can buy without an 1legkick account when:
 The price of the item is less than MYR500.
 You purchase the item using Buy It Now.
 You pay for the item using paypal, credit card or FPX Online Transfer.

Benifits as a Member:

View order details.
 Track the package.
 Easy communication with customer support.
 Return the item.

View Order Details:

Follow these steps to sign in as a member user

If you’re signed in to, sign out to avoid any error messages.
 Find your 1legkick My Order confirmation email.
 Select view order details in the email.
 Enter your email address and access code to sign in as a member user.

Notes: From Order details you can choose to contact the our customer support, report that you didn't receive the item, or return the item.